Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Victory Motel

Apologies for the a lack of action recently, but fear not, henceforth I will be endeavoring to document my life in words and pictures on a weekly basis. Boring? Well possibly, but I will be attempting to make it at least moderately entertaining, and failing that, well, you don't have to look at it…

To get you started, here’s a few sporadic entries from the past. Bear in mind it is still in its infancy and will hopefully take on a more interesting quality when I’m engaged in more exciting activities than merely meandering around London.

Welcome to the Victory Motel, have a pleasant stay.
If you find a mint on you pillow, we didn’t put it there, and please don’t take the complimentary matchbox if you have no use for it, they cost money.

- Owen D. Pomery