Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lineup, Architecture, Megatherium & Billboards.

Couple of things happened and another couple ongoing...

Firstly, I attended 'Illustrato.rs' Lineup Festival at the Mall Galleries on the weekend, thanks to all who came by my table, bought copies of 'Billboards' and generally made the day very enjoyable. This enjoyment was prolonged by reading Richard Bruton's review of the Between the Billboards saga so far, over at Forbidden Planet International. A great write up and so reassuring that people are out there 'getting it' and enjoying it too, thanks!

The ongoing projects at the moment are my architectural illustrations which you can view over at ANALOGUEVISION.COM and of course my next comic venture to be put out by Avery Hill; 'The Megatherium Club'.

Stay tuned for updates on everything as it happens and thanks for your patience if there are a few moments of internet hiatus, I am still here.