Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Thought Bubble 2013.

Thinking back on everything I've been involved with comics-wise, it kind of seems incredible it has all fitted into one year. Met so many great people and worked on such great projects, it will be superb to underline 2013 with the UK's most exciting comic date on the calendar; Thought BubbleNow, enough about me, what can I offer YOU?

Firstly, I will revealing the 5th and penultimate part of the Between the Billboards miniseries 'The Nothing That You Know'. It's been a while coming, but fear not, it is now complete!



I will also have The Megatherium Club vol.1 'The Great Ape' that was put out by Avery Hill Publishing earlier this year, of which I am very proud. Anarchic, comedic, historic and alcoholic; this is one for the amateur scientist in all of us.

And finally you can find me in all the following anthologies that should be available at Thought Bubble too. Worth whatever the cost for the fellow contributors alone.



Would be great to see of many of you who can attend, I shall be sharing with Elliot Baggott in the Allied London Hall on table 129, listed as 'The Comix Reader'.